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April 19, 2011


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Our little one, in preparation in my tummy

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 19, 2011, 11:46 PM
Thousand of kilometers apart, Sheriff (sheriffdesignstudio) and myself, (AlexandraSophie), met on deviantArt.
He lived in Sri Lanka, and me in France.
He spoke only English, and me only French.
We were from different continent, culture, religion...

But love was stronger than anything!
It was already almost 3 years ago that we exchanged our first comment,
He found my profile with this photo:

I take a tree by AlexandraSophie

I could never have imagined, when I took this photo, so randomly the day of
his birthday but one year before we met (definitely a sign!)
as I was sitting in my backyard, playing with the camera with not any real intention,
that it would make me meet the perfectest prince charming,
who is now going to be the dad of a little baby, actually in a warm preparation in my tummy!

We fell in love at the first second we spoke to each others, and needed only a few days to make it official,
it was the July 4th, 2008. He just turned 17, and I was about to turn 16.

Millions of sms, (very expensive) calls, e-mails, mail, msn-ness, we talked to each others 24h a day and finally managed
to meet as he came closer to me, in Italy, to study car design. He stayed at my place while 3 weeks, from the December 22, 2009.

I came to take him at the station, and recognized him immediately between the other hundred of people, my eyes literally saw just him.
And only only him.
Our love at the first sight got a huge confirmation and it felt like we knew each others since the start of times.

Sadly, after 3 short AMAZING weeks, he had to go back in Italy. Bringing my soulmate to the station and seeing the train going away
was probably the saddest thing EVER of my life. I could not stop crying even while the train was gone, and could not think anything else than:
When will we meet again? It's just a shame that we have to be separated again.

He came another time in April 2010, and in July 2010.
My mum and step-father were not okay for me to take him at home since they were very angry
with me, because of the really really huge phone-bills.
But I knew that if I would wait one day more without him I would definitely die!
So Sheriff and me made a plan. I invited him secretly and hided him in my bedroom!

After around one week, as my step-father was gone, my mum called me
and told me "Poor Sheriff, when will you let him go out?"
She was angry, but she thought it was very cute and sweet though.
I was just 17, and she told me that I could go to Italy with him ; She really trusted him a lot.

Just before to leave for Italy:
Somewhere in heaven II by AlexandraSophie

Few minutes after, the train tickets for Sheriff and myself were in our hands, and we left home to Italy at 5am.
Since it was holidays for him, we had so much time for us and visited many things, as we stayed there while around 3 months.

Then we came back to France, just for my 18th birthday, the September 30th.
We travelled a lot, moved to Paris, visited tons of things,
lived millions of things together, and now, we are going to share all this with our little one,
a little baby right inside my tummy,
warmly installed since a little more than 3 months already.

Yesterday, echograph : we would listen our baby heart beating so fast and our baby
moving in every possible way! Sheriff and myself could not keep our tears in, it was just wonderful.
Our baby is probably going to be as shy as his/her mum, because he/she spent only a few seconds on the "profile side",
and the turned to show his/her back while many minutes! The doctor was shaking my tummy very strongly,
and sometimes our baby was about to turn and oohhh...ohh! Finally no! ^^
The only time he/she turned, was to show his/fer face :love:

It's a very tall baby, around 3cm taller than the normal size! Doctors said it's because I'm tall! I feel very happy to have a tall baby,
"tall baby" sounds to me like "very very healthy baby", and I could not ask more!

Well, Sheriff and myself will be parents in 6 months ; Time is flying and we are preparing the perfectest life for our little one!

  • Mood: Adoration
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Sammur-amat Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012   General Artist
So very happy for you, sweet! :hug:
fetchingfeast Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
love your story. just best wishes!
1LovelyArt Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Limetastic Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Professional Photographer
Sometimes I forget what it was to be in love. I grew scared of the power it had on me and left my fiancee years ago. It's been a long time since I have opened myself up to someone but for some reason this story touched me. I wasn't ready then, but maybe I will be. Someday. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful time in your life with us. :hug:
uniquers Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012   Digital Artist
now. i believe in love. :love: thank you for sharing your story.
44gatti Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012
this is one of the most romantic and beautiful stories i've ever heard, you make me believe nothing is impossible in love. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us, and i wish you all, the baby too, all the best. :heart:
gnohz Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Professional Photographer
Amazing story! Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing!
And all the best to you! :)
DNA-The-Authoress Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
Congrats! Babies are so sweet! The picture of you two is very adorable! :heart:
kelkiki5 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, that is just a fairytale :O I am 16 and I can barely imagine that everything began for you when you were 16.... my gosh haha. (oh, je viens de me rappeler que tu disais que tu parlais français... haha xD) Je suis tellement contente pour vous :D Juste en lisant votre histoire on sait tout de suite que vous êtes des âmes soeurs... longue vie à vous deux, beaucoup de bonheur avec votre enfant à venir ^^ :heart: J'aimerais tellement vivre une histoire comme la vôtre, vous avez été vraiment chanceux :D
maskqueraide Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
wow, seems so unreal. even I can't believe! You fell in love with a comment he wrote?! I guess I missed that :XD: I dunno if I can fall in love so fast ! I can't believe your mom let you hide him. Musta been tough to live under a bed XD How interesting to make sms/calls/etc XD I would be shy to do that haha. And broke. Also, I don't think my parents would agree to talk to someone on the Internet like that. Maybe they are too strict TT It seems like fun though.

Who woulda known such a photo would lead to something so big. Maybe you should get married since you love each other a lot, even have a baby ! I'm scared to have a baby at such young age OTL

Anyway, best of luck in the future ^-^
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